Monday, July 12, 2010

9 & 10 Month Update

So apparently I am pretty lame at this blogging thing. Zoe is almost 11 months now and I am just getting around to her 9 and 10 month updates..sheesh!

To begin with, Zoe had a repeat EEG and it came back normal again! She seems to be growing out of the weird head bob thing she was doing and seems to be doing it on purpose now when she does it. She has continued to advance developmentally at a fast rate. Her doctors have decided the best thing to do is just watch her close and hold off on further testing. I feel in my heart she is going to be ok and I thank you all so much for the prayers, I know they were heard! :)

Zoe is freaking hysterically funny!! I love this kid so much! She did pop a tooth finally....and that one tooth has been hangin solo for a while! Her hair is growing fast so her curls are getting kind of crazy :) She can crawl!! and FAST! She uses one knee and one looks so funny! Today she started crab crawling :) she can sit herself up and pull up to stand...and is even walking a little! (assisted of coarse) She babbles nonstop and seems to be saying several words!! Monkey was her first big word! (monkey is her blankey with a monkey head) She tries to repeat a lot of words you say to her.

The kid is also developing an attitude! I'm not sure what I am going to do about that.

We just got back from a trip to Michigan to see family. Zoe was a trooper for the flight and all the driving we had to do!! She just went with the flow and adapted to the change in her schedule and never complained once! She may be getting a 'tude but she is well behaved when it counts, Amen!


  1. I'm just dying over the picture where she's wide-eyed and looks like she's watering the flowers. Love reading your updates!

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