Sunday, December 27, 2009

We can SIT!!!

She can stay up for a good 15 seconds or more before falling over! So proud!

Zoe's First Christmas

Our first Christmas as a family was perfect! I know Zoe is still pretty young but I'm sure she enjoyed it too! We spent the day with family, enjoyed a great dinner and received some wonderful gifts! Zoe got lots of really cute clothes and some neat toys. She seemed very curious and intrigued by the toys! We look forward to next year when she is a little older and will be able to do more.
We hope everyone had a blessed holiday! Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

4 Month Update

Zoe is growing up so fast! She keeps her daddy and I laughing with all her new tricks! She has the cutest squeal and giggle!! She has gotten really good at catching her feet and is SO CLOSE to being able to sit up unsupported! (Any day now!) She can be quite the babbling chatterbox when the mood strikes her! Next up, food on a spoon and test driving the sippy cup!

Her 4 month checkup isn't til January so I have no clue how much she is weighing these days, but she feels a good 14lbs! I will update with that info after her checkup.