Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 Month Update!

Our little girl is 5 months old! She is full of personality and fun! She has really enjoyed eating "real" foods, and peaches and bananas are her fave so far! Peas did not go over so well, however. The first few bites went down fine but then she started making a gagging face with each bite. It was kinda funny! Zoe also thinks that while eating is the PERFECT time to blow razzberries. Mommy does not agree, applesauce in my eye is not funny. :) She can sit up for a good amount of time (when she wants to) but standing is her new fave thing to do. Its hilarious because her little butt wobbles back and forth and it reminds us of Elvis dancing. :) I'm pretty sure she is capable of rolling over but just doesn't care to. She would rather stand. She may skip crawling and go right to

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And so it begins... Food on a spoon, and the mess it creates!

Zoe's Dr. said we can start solids! Before we bring on the colored foods (fruit and veggies) i figured we should get the hang of eating from a spoon with non staining food. Rice cereal! I have mixed it in with her formula before, but this was the first spoon feeding attempt! So, camera in one hand and spoon in the other...this is how it went....

As you can see, we need more practice! Maybe if the food tastes better it wont get rejected so much. :)

Over the river and thru some snow, to Nana and Papa's house we go!

Our little girl sure surprised us! We made the 7 hour journey to Martinsville, VA (and back) without a single crying episode!! Zoe sure took to her great grandparents and started showing off for them right away! We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed visiting with family. There was still snow on the ground from the winter storm the week before, so it was a great chance to toss the baby in the snow for pictures! Haha.

Zoe loved to stare at Nana's beautiful Christmas tree, and it made for more great pictures!

I hope everyone had a great New Year! Zoe stayed up to watch the ball drop with us!