Wednesday, April 28, 2010

8 Month Update

Again, Im a little behind with the 8 month update. Its been quite a month! Zoe is the busiest baby ever! There is so much to be doing so sometimes taking time out to eat or nap isn't on her agenda. (but mommy eventually convinces her ;) Its amazing to me how quick she is learning! I love all the neat little tricks she can do now! She can say ma-ma and da-da (and da-dy) amongst lots of other non stop babble. She can clap her hands now too :) Pulling to standing and crawling is what she is working on now. She loves to jump on our laps and bounce on her butt. I sometimes stack her shape blocks for her and she would love to knock them down. But lately she has decided to very carefully pick off the top block without knocking down the rest! So skilled :) She loves feeding herself puffs, and now she is wanting to grab the spoon and help feed herself. She is just a bucket of laughs and smiles! ETA: She can also slap 5! I hold my hand out flat and say "give me 5" and she slaps my hand!

Shes been teething really bad. While at the Dr's we spotted a tiny white dot so she should have a tooth soon! I hope! She was kind of miserable on picture day so we didnt shoot for to long. I had to take what I could get though. At least I got one smile out of her :)

In other news, most of you already know about our health worries for Zoe. She was doing something odd so I took a video to her Dr and she was worried it was Infantile Spasms. Sounds innocent, I know. Its not. She had a normal EEG so we are a little less scared about it being that, but her Dr is still worried it may be some other form of seizure disorder. Zoe will be seeing a neurologist in a few weeks for further evaluations. She will also be seeing and ENT to rule out an ear issue causing it. We are worried sick for our precious girl, but we are trying really hard to have faith and stay optimistic. She seems so happy and healthy, we just want her to stay that way. Keep her in your prayers please. I will hopefully know more next update.

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