Friday, March 12, 2010

6 Months! Wow, Time Flies!

This is a little late, I kinda forgot about updating here! Anyhow, our little chunky monkey is 18 lbs of pure joy! She is so happy and silly, not to mention curious about everything! She wants to grab for everything in site, and then taste everything she gets her hands on. She loves to sit up and bang on her toys. I'm happy to report that she likes peas now....however, blowing razzberries while eating is still her fave thing to do. I tried to teach her a lesson and I razzberried peas back into her face......this royally pissed her off! ;) It was funny though.

While she has been an absolute joy, she has also given us a few terrifying moments! While out to dinner one night we let her gum on a piece of celery. She broke a little chunk off and then proceeded to choke on it. She was strapped into her carseat at the time so it was a panic to get her out. She eventually started vomiting and got the chunk out. A few days later she scared us even worse!! We are not sure what happened really but she started freaking out when I tried to give her tylenol, which she has never minded before. Her crying was a different tone and i could tell something wasn't right. Next she started vomiting. Before we knew it she was barely breathing and turning blue. We had to scream at her and pinch her leg to keep her trying to cry until the ambulance arrived. (which felt like a freaking eternity) Because that was at least moving some air. She was starting to come out of it by the time help arrived, and was completely normal by the time we got to ER. Don't know what happened but we pray to God it never happens again!!

We love our daughter more than words can express. She is the light of our lives.

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